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It all comes down to performance time after time after time. That's what counts most in the flooring business, and Tecply® consistently ranks among the best. Our 5-ply arctic white birch provides an ideal sub-surface for almost any floor covering. Tecply® gets the job done right the first time, every time, so there's never a concern about "telegraphing", "staple pop" or costly "callbacks". Plus, Tecply® is backed with a ten year warranty against delamination, splitting and floor covering adhesion failure when properly installed. For consistency and guaranteed performance, sheet after sheet, job after job, Tecply® is the answer.


Tecply® Underlayment is a five-ply, arctic birch plywood that is an ideal underlayment for a variety of floor coverings. Its unique five-ply, all birch construction, combined with exterior phenol adhesives and cross-grain orientation makes it indent resistant, dimensionally stable, non-staining and virtually free of core voids. As with all premium wood products, correct handling and installation procedures are essential for trouble-free performance.

  • Solid Arctic White Birch Hardwood Resists Indentation
  • Weather and Boil-Proof Phenoic Glueline
  • Proven Performance in the Field
  • Tecply® Stamp of Quality

TC-PLY™ is an economical, all hardwood underlayment panel designed to give superior performance when compared with regular 3-ply lauan plywood panels. TC-PLY features 5-ply construction with carefully selected face, back and core veneers giving a clean,smooth surface and practically eliminating core laps and voids.

Note that both TECPLY and TC-PLY have been tested and approved by the leading resilient manufacturers.

For more information:
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        Fax: 908-687-5750

For installation related questions, call:
        888-2TECPLY (Technical Support)